Our Canary in the Cave

In days gone by, miners would send canaries into the shafts of mines if there were a question about whether the mines were safe.  Often, mine shafts would be dangerously low on oxygen.  So before fancy “sniffing” equipment was available, canaries were the sniffers.  If they died, the mine was not safe.

I read a reference by Mark Steyn in which Salman Rushdie was referred to as Europe’s canary in the coal mine.  Rushdie’s situation should have alerted Europe to the unreasonable violence of Islam.  Europe has not heard her warning cry, but, perhaps, we will. 

This story calls for us to wake up and realize another canary has not come out of the coal mine of Islamic tolerance.  Geert Wilders–get to know the name–has been convicted under “hate crimes” legislation by the Dutch parliament.  His story is a clear warning to us, if we will listen.  Pay attention.  Freedom is fading fast.

What do you think?

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