Hell, Hate, and the Peril of Christian Witness

A few years ago, a friend of mine got in trouble. This time, my friend got in trouble for doing the right thing. In solidarity with his union brothers, my friend was walking a picket line because the company he was working for had been taking advantage of employees. My friend was enjoying conversation with... Continue Reading →

What Is the New Tolerance (and why does it matter)?

D. A. Carson is a great blessing to the Christian church! He recently published another very important book titled The Intolerance of Tolerance.[1] In this significant work, Carson details the shift in meaning the word tolerance has undergone over the last century. Building from the work of S. D. Gaede, Carson distinguishes between the “Old... Continue Reading →

Fairness Is Not Justice: Three Simple Reasons to Reject Fairness

Once upon a time, our laws were based on justice: “With liberty and justice for all.”  Now, it seems there is a sense of “fairness” encroaching upon our liberty and overtaking justice for all.  Many folks equate one term with the other, thinking that fairness and justice are equally compelling concepts of liberty, but they... Continue Reading →

More Burning Anger

Today, the President admonished Pastor Jones, encouraging him to "listen to those better angels" who recommend not burning the Quran.  There is a united consensus among leaders in America that Pastor Jones should not burn the Muslim books.  Political leaders, religious leaders, media elites have uniformly condemned the act.  I heard this morning that some--including... Continue Reading →

Officially Insane

You will not believe this story.  We have officially embraced insanity in an effort to be tolerant of Islam.  The Apostle Paul speaks of the foolish heart being darkened by sin and thus unable to recognize any longer realities which once were patently obvious.  This story is an illustration of just such a mental and moral... Continue Reading →

It’s Good for Young Women to Be Beaten

Sharia law spreads as Islam increases.  In Europe, the call for Sharia is increasing.  The pressure to accept Islam has now forced an Italian judge to rule that it was ok for a father, brother, and mother to beat a young woman.  The judge ruled that it was "for her own good" to be beaten... Continue Reading →

Significance of Wilders

Yesterday, I posted on the significance of Geert Wilders.  If you haven't seen that blog, check it out because it links to a prior blog which speaks of how important this case is for all of us who value free speech.  Today, there is another great article concerning this story.  I have it linked here... Continue Reading →

Geert Wilders Again

I posted a warning on my blog not too long ago, telling you to pay attention to Geert Wilders.  His story is portentous.  It is a warning signal to us all about the direction our “tolerance” is taking us.  Tolerance is taking us to a loss of freedom.  Geert Wilders is no longer allowed in... Continue Reading →

Our Canary in the Cave

In days gone by, miners would send canaries into the shafts of mines if there were a question about whether the mines were safe.  Often, mine shafts would be dangerously low on oxygen.  So before fancy "sniffing" equipment was available, canaries were the sniffers.  If they died, the mine was not safe. I read a reference... Continue Reading →


Here is yet another example of irresponsible reporting (at least the headline).  In this report, however, the writers are forced to admit the obvious.  The "immigrants" mentioned in the headline are Muslim terrorists, no doubt about it.  Their intention was to kill American soldiers.  Calling them "immigrants," though I suppose it is technically true, is actually... Continue Reading →

Irony of Tolerance

So, in last week's conversation, we ran into a possible impasse concerning tolerance.  The issue surrounded Rick Warren and his invitation to pray at Obama's Inauguration.  Yesterday, the AP ran this story, which demonstrates precisely what I was saying in last week's posts (and comments).  Rick Warren is actually viewed as a model for tolerance,... Continue Reading →

Tolerance Defined

So, in the blog yesterday, I was asked for my definition of tolerance.  Here it is. Tolerance is a warmed up crock of cow dung, in my opinion. It stinks and provides nothing that satisfies.  It is a specious, anti-Christian attempt to redefine issues of truth and justice under the auspices of political power, which... Continue Reading →

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