Officially Insane

You will not believe this story.  We have officially embraced insanity in an effort to be tolerant of Islam.  The Apostle Paul speaks of the foolish heart being darkened by sin and thus unable to recognize any longer realities which once were patently obvious.  This story is an illustration of just such a mental and moral debacle among European elites.  The story is about a female journalist writing a sympathetic piece on Jihadists in Afghanistan.  It turns out, she was raped repeatedly over an extended period of time.  However, she insists the Jihadists respected her.  She is angry at the government for not paying their ransom.  The government is angry at Geert Wilders for implying [?] that the Jihadists are violent monsters.  Read the entire crazy affair here.

To keep up with Geert Wilders, see here.

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