Thoughts About Tanks at Church

There is no shortage of jokes with Kentucky at the butt-end, like the one which says in Kentucky a toothbrush really is just that—a tooth brush (because keeping a single tooth is an accomplishment).  Speaking of accomplishments, most Kentuckians consider reaching high school or buying a pair of shoes to be activities of the “upper... Continue Reading →

Crusades Not Jihad

The persecution blog posted a nice consideration of the distinctions between Islamic jihad and the Crusades. I have included the following paragraph to give you an idea of the thrust of the post: Nor were the Crusades "thoughtless explosions of barbarism," as Riley-Smith accurately characterizes their reputation today. They had a sophisticated underlying rationale, elaborated... Continue Reading →

Officially Insane

You will not believe this story.  We have officially embraced insanity in an effort to be tolerant of Islam.  The Apostle Paul speaks of the foolish heart being darkened by sin and thus unable to recognize any longer realities which once were patently obvious.  This story is an illustration of just such a mental and moral... Continue Reading →

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