Irony of Tolerance

So, in last week’s conversation, we ran into a possible impasse concerning tolerance.  The issue surrounded Rick Warren and his invitation to pray at Obama’s Inauguration.  Yesterday, the AP ran this story, which demonstrates precisely what I was saying in last week’s posts (and comments).  Rick Warren is actually viewed as a model for tolerance, even though he is against gay marriage.  For some, these categories are inherently contradictory.  But that contradiction does not spring from any reasonable foundation; it springs from a predetermined notion about the definition of tolerance, namely, that it must include the approval of gay relationships. 

Thus, this story illustrates, once again, the point I have been making.  Tolerance is an unworkable idea because it does not depend either on reason or revelation; it is grounded in preference only.  Tolerance can be imposed, but it cannot be just.  It is merely a political power play which confuses more than it helps.

What do you think?

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