Christian Persecution Close to Home

Last week, the warning was sounded that President Obama and the Democratic House and Senate had attached the “hate crimes” legislation to a defense appropriations bill.  President Obama signed it.  Now, it is time to start considering whether we, as Christians, will be silent regarding the truth of sin and redemption.

Over the pond in the UK, the British Christians are struggling with the same problem, only they have slid a bit further down the road than we have.  We can learn from them.  I offer you this article from Right Rev. Jonathan Gledhill as a fine exhibit concerning how quickly Christians may simply drift from their identification as Christians.  At one time, Christians were wearing crosses and fish symbols; yet, when companies began discriminating against them for wearing their faith on their sleeves (or their lapels), many Christians ditched the practice (for practical reasons).  The Rt. Rev. Gledhill, in his November letter, is encouraging Christians to wear the pins and declare their faith, not being intimidated into silence.

More than this, however, the Rev. makes the point that the true mark of the Christian is not a lapel pin. Rather, the true mark is love.  On this particular point, Rev. Gledhill makes a slight mistake.  He puts the mark of love in the context of love for the world.  (One may see how a Christian ought to love the world after the manner of God Himself, Jn. 3:16).  However, Jesus Christ has spoken plainly in Jn 13:35 that the world will know we are Christ’s disciples NOT because of our love for the world, but because of our love for one another.  Church love, love for the saints, is the true mark of the true Christian.

What do you think?

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