Homosexual Christians

Obviously, we live in an age of sexual infatuation.  I will be lecturing next week at Southern on the topic of homosexuality.  Please pray for me because this issue is obviously one that sparks many emotions.  Probably, we have all had to deal with folks struggling with homosexuality.  If not with particular members in our churches, then, certainly, with extended members’ families, we have been faced with the issue of homosexuality.

Justin Taylor at Between Two Worlds posted this blog about a year ago which included confessions from a homosexual Christian.  In light of 1 Cor 6:9 and other biblical texts (2 Cor 5:17), I am not comfortable with the concept of a “homosexual” Christian.  Nevertheless, this Christian argues for the church to come alongside and provide love and nurturing for homosexual Christians.  The article is a worthwhile read, but it left me with a few concerns.  I have posted my response to the article below for your consideration.

 doccochran said…

Mike Riccardi, thank you for posting your original post; it was authentic. The questions you raised were my own questions, as I sought to listen lovingly to the comments of this Christian struggling with homosexuality. I kept hearing from 1 Cor. 6, “and such WERE some of you, but you were washed…” I, too, hear the cry for sympathy and companionship. I love the call to the church to be both a safe place and a unit of intimacy in Christ. However, I long for Wesley and others to be free, as Christ says, to make themselves eunuchs for the kingdom. Obviously, I don’t mean this physically, but the claim by Christ that this is a possibility opens new avenues for healing. One can be celibate and completely fulfilled by Christ in the kingdom. The reason for this seems to be, first, that all the intimacy needed is available in Christ, who brings us to the full-orbed relationship of the Trinity, even calling us His bride. What could be more intimate than being the bride? Second, the gospel alive in us allows us–whether male or female–to bear fruit for the kingdom. Third, the eternal promise of Christ to never leave us nor forsake us offers us great strength with which to fight off the temptation to loneliness. Here were at least 3 themes I was longing to hear in the article.

3/10/2009 10:24:00 PM  

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