Biblical Morality–A Crime Against Humanity?

  Current events did not take long to prove Dr. Mohler correct in his assertion yesterday that gay rights has become the centerpiece of a new moral "McCarthyism." Dr. Mohler's commentary concerning "The Giglio Imbroglio" has proved prescient. Today, news has come out that an American pastor is being sued for "crimes against humanity" because... Continue Reading →

A Marriage Proposal

First, I would like to thank Meredithancret for a cordial and spirited debate. We obviously disagree, but she has been respectful and has engaged in dialogue on the subject of gay marriage—a subject most consider too controversial to discuss.  I appreciate the fact that there has been actual dialogue, even if there is disagreement.  Thanks,... Continue Reading →

A Little Monday Controversy

I know I shouldn't wade into the New York controversy on a Monday morning, but I do think it is worth considering the question, "What is marriage?"  The successful effort of late in New York has redefined marriage to mean something that it has not meant before.  The state has changed the reality of what... Continue Reading →

Hellfire to Homosexuality, Pt. 3

So, to the heart of the issue, I turn my attention now to the question of how God can judge people for doing what is natural to them.  As I have already pointed out, the question itself is a little flawed in that “natural” or “by nature” is not easily defined.  Typically, we call natural... Continue Reading →

Hellfire to Homosexuality, Pt. 2

So, to the more weighty matters of the conversation, I would reiterate my own belief that the gospel is the power of God unto salvation for all who believe (Romans 1:16).  The issue for Christians is the salvation of souls, not the success of political parties.  Like many Americans, we have opinions on political matters,... Continue Reading →

Hellfire to Homosexuality?

I recently had a conversation with a friend in which he expressed his disdain for “Christian coercion.”  He didn’t exactly call it that, but I think that is an accurate description of what he meant.  His concern was that Christians under the threat of eternal damnation pressure others to go against their natural desires.  Specifically,... Continue Reading →

Hate Crimes Are Hateful

I suppose for some I may be auditioning for the “Knuckle-dragging, out-of-touch” Award with the comment I am about to make, but I am going to say it anyway.  Hate crimes legislation is stupid.  If kidnapping, rape, and murder are awful evils in and of themselves, then justice will be served when the criminals who... Continue Reading →

Under Fire in Uganda

For an interesting and engaging article, read this Christian Post article about the riff between Pastor Rick Warren and the evangelical leaders in Uganda, Africa.  They are disturbed, confused, and angry about what they believe is his capitulation toward the gay agenda.  Interesting ethical issues abound in this article.

Hate Speech Exhibit

We have been talking about hate speech lately (since Obama has signed this atrocious piece of specious bile into law), and we are expecting some of it with regard to speaking the truth about homosexuality to a gender confused culture. The Discovery Institute has been in the thick of hate speech charges for years now. ... Continue Reading →

Costly Free Speech

Looks like the day has finally come.  The U.S. Senate has approved federal "Hate Crimes" legislation and sent it on to the President, who has pledged to sign the bill into law.  There are so many problems with this bill, not the least of which is the cowardly, specious manner in which it was passed as... Continue Reading →

Homosexual Christians

Obviously, we live in an age of sexual infatuation.  I will be lecturing next week at Southern on the topic of homosexuality.  Please pray for me because this issue is obviously one that sparks many emotions.  Probably, we have all had to deal with folks struggling with homosexuality.  If not with particular members in our... Continue Reading →

Perfect Illustration

Mark Steyn, who is always brilliant, pulled the following headline from the paper: French Gay Soccer Team Snubbed by Muslim Team In response to the headline, Steyn notes that the French gay team is accusing the Muslims of being homophobic; then, he asks whether it isn't Islamophobic of them to ask such a question!

For the Record

Pastor Rick Warren has recently said that the gay marriage issue is "not his agenda."  In a sense, of course, he is right.  The gospel itself is the agenda of the Christian, including pastors.  However, humanity is also our concern.  And, the church is called to be the pillar and foundation of truth (1 Tim... Continue Reading →

Tolerance Defined

So, in the blog yesterday, I was asked for my definition of tolerance.  Here it is. Tolerance is a warmed up crock of cow dung, in my opinion. It stinks and provides nothing that satisfies.  It is a specious, anti-Christian attempt to redefine issues of truth and justice under the auspices of political power, which... Continue Reading →

Tolerance, huh?

Everybody's supposed to be tolerant nowadays.  That is code language, of course, for giving full approval to homosexuality.  When it comes to gays and lesbians, tolerance takes a different turn, as this episode so colorfully illustrates.  Obama has angered gays and lesbians by inviting Rick Warren to offer a prayer at the inauguration.  All the... Continue Reading →

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