No Mob Veto

America is proud of her freedom, but freedom must always have its limits.  California voters recently decided (again) that gays ought not be provided the same marital status as heterosexual couples.  They are (or at least should be) free to determine such things.  Since the passage of Proposition 8, Californians have been given a hard dose of reality.  The truth is, no one believes in unrestrained freedom.  Those in favor of gay marriage have demonstrated zero tolerance for any who disagree.  They have sought to terrorize and intimidate all opposition.  They have especially targeted the Mormon church.  Now, a group called “No Mob Veto” has decided to take action.  Good for them.  It’s about time people take a stand.  You can view the ad and petition here.

Justice and Freedom?

Tolerance and fairness have taken the place of freedom and justice in America.  Tolerance and fairness are decided by those who wield power.  Freedom and justice were Christian ideas based in the nature of God and in the judgment of God.  Get rid of God, and you get rid of freedom and justice.  If ever there were a case to illustrate my point, this is it.  After legal challenges by gay rights activists, E-harmony must now offer services to same sex couples.  And… well, read the story to see what else.


Pocketbook Politics

You probably know that I don’t think it is good to vote based on how it affects your pocketbook.  At least, that isn’t the first priority.  But there is a case in California that has Christians and conservatives actually voting with their pocketbooks.  Read about it here