Dorwan Stoddard’s Greater Love

Jesus taught His followers that a greater cannot be found than the love of a man who would lay down his life for his friends.  Dorwan Stoddard's love is spoken of this story.  He saved the life of his best friend--his wife.

Sobering Sadness

I just read this sobering story about Major Philip Wise of the Salvation Army.  It is a sad and sobering reminder of what a sin-sickened world we inhabit.  You will want to be in prayer for this family. Major Wise along with his 3 young children were in front of the Salvation Army headquarters on... Continue Reading →

Stating the Obvious

I can't help but thinking this Washington Times editorial is doing nothing but stating the obvious.  Hasan was a radical muslim who plotted murder against the American infidels at Ft. Hood.  No serious person can believe otherwise.  Still, this is a good editorial to read just to remind ourselves of what we are up against. ... Continue Reading →

Pro-life Murder

James Pouillon was murdered, and no one knows why (though many are speculating).  Mr. Pouillon was protesting abortion when he was murdered.  He was well-known for his protests against abortion.  We shall wait to learn more concerning the motive.  Here is the statement from the National Right to Life concerning the murder.

Persecution or Murder or Both?

One week after she was killed, Pastor Carol Davis' murder is still a horrible mystery.  She served as pastor of a small, pentecostal church in Oklahoma.  According to this story, her murder is shrouded with bizarre details, such as her being found in a crucifix position.  The details do not make clear the motive.  On the surface, it... Continue Reading →

Old-fashioned eye for an eye?

According to this story, Scott Roeder--the man who killed abortionists George Tiller--was  “very religious” but in an Old Testament “eye-for-an-eye way.” A number of things could be said about such a statement; I will limit my comments to these two points.  First, "very religious" means almost nothing.  That phrase could describe anyone from Eckart Tolle to... Continue Reading →

Murder at a Church

As a Christian, I condemn what appears to be the murder of George Tiller at the morning services of his Lutheran Church.  Obviously, like many Christians, I deplore Tiller's practice of abortion.  He was one of the few doctors left in the country who would still perform late term abortions.  I have no doubt but... Continue Reading →

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