Sobering Sadness

I just read this sobering story about Major Philip Wise of the Salvation Army.  It is a sad and sobering reminder of what a sin-sickened world we inhabit.  You will want to be in prayer for this family.

Major Wise along with his 3 young children were in front of the Salvation Army headquarters on Christmas Eve, where they had traveled to pick up the Major’s wife to travel home for Christmas.  Two gunmen shot and killed Major Wise in front of his wife and children on Christmas Eve so they could have the coinage in his can.  What an awful tragedy.  Perhaps these men will be captured and face justice in this life before they die and face the justice of God for such an awful crime.  If justice prevails, they will be caught and executed for their crime; after which, the real judgment begins.

The best case scenario would be that the men are caught, tried, and executed (after the weight of their guilt drove them to the cross of Christ for mercy).

What do you think?

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