Calvin Goes to China? A Look at How New Calvinism Is Spreading in China

Time magazine provoked evangelical paroxysms back in 2009 when the publication unveiled its list of “10 Ideas Changing the World Right Now.” According to Time, New Calvinism was the number three idea at work reshaping America. (Don’t know what New Calvinism is? See here) Five years on, New Calvinism is still going strong, so strong,... Continue Reading →

Where Are John Piper and Rick Warren on Persecution?

Thank you, Representative Frank Wolf. A long-time advocate for religious freedom, Representative Wolf (R- VA) is now crying out for Christians in America to advocate on behalf of suffering Christians around the world. The slaughter of thousands of Christians in Syria at the hands of Sunni Muslims and the killing of thousands more Coptic Christians... Continue Reading →

Prayer and Fasting 1

Our church has just begun a three-week prayer and fasting campaign for our community. We long to see Christ exalted in our county.  We are hungry for souls captured in sin to be set free.  We are not blind to our own shortcomings either.  So, in weakness, we submit ourselves before the Almighty in the... Continue Reading →

Piper for Free

Piper’s ministry, Desiring God, has a great section which allows visitors access to 46 of his books… for Free!  There are 46 John Piper books in pdf format available for you, free, just click here.  

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