Should We Pray for Satan?

Should the Christian pray for Satan?  If anyone stands in need of prayer it is Satan.  He is facing the most awful form of eternal torment for his role in leading humans astray and in fueling the flames of rebellion against the Creator and against his redeemer.  Satan is referred to as the father of... Continue Reading →

Prayer and Fasting 1

Our church has just begun a three-week prayer and fasting campaign for our community. We long to see Christ exalted in our county.  We are hungry for souls captured in sin to be set free.  We are not blind to our own shortcomings either.  So, in weakness, we submit ourselves before the Almighty in the... Continue Reading →

Christians in a Muslim Egypt

I have been reading more to understand the situation in Egypt and throughout the Middle East. Freedom is indeed on the march throughout the Arab world. It is something that few thought was even a remote possibility. President Bush deserves credit for believing the impossible was possible throughout the Middle East (see here). However, the... Continue Reading →

Secret Church

A year or two ago, Daniel Wilson and I listened to a sermon by David Platt and heard him explain what he does with his church--devoting 6 hours to prayer together built upon specific Bible teaching.  We later turned around and did this at Cedar Grove with our men early one Saturday morning. Now, I... Continue Reading →

Living Up to My Name

The website (like my email) refers to me as "Doc" Cochran.  The reason I picked this name is that I have known for some time that the Lord was calling me to further study, including study to the point of earning the PhD.  I believe I have now accomplished that task.  I must only complete... Continue Reading →

Avail Much

I remember the King James version of James 5:16, "The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much."  Though some of the language is outdated, surely the thought is as fresh and powerful as ever.  We understand what this means.  It means that we can and should pray much.  And, we should pray for... Continue Reading →

Two Examples of Taking a Stand

I link today two good examples of Christians taking a stand against the bullying of the ACLU and AUSCS.  The first example has to do with a high school in Arkansas.  The other example concerns a locally elected vice mayor in Virginia.  Kudos to those who humbly and boldly take a stand for truth.

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