Are We Asking the Wrong Question About Violent Islam?

In his recent U.N. address, President Barack Obama boldly prophesied that the future would belong to those who do not insult the prophet Muhamad.  I both hope and suspect his is a false prophecy.  The problem with his approach is that it is impossible. Exploring the question of what insults the prophet Mohammed yields answers... Continue Reading →

More News About Christians in Egypt

As feared, the revolution in Egypt appears to be escalating the violence against Christians in the home place of the pyramids.  According to this news report, Christians in the village of Soul (which is 30 kilometers from Cairo) were ambushed by a mob of 7,000 angry Muslims.  The Muslims stormed the Church of St. Mina... Continue Reading →

Burning Fears (Again)

I am posting below an e-mail I received from Barnabas Fund, a Christian organization based in the UK which supports and encourages persecuted Christians.  I post it because it makes a great follow-up point from my post yesterday.  I really only made the first part of an important point in yesterday's post because I wanted... Continue Reading →

What’s Wrong with Animal Rights?

My daughter told me of an ad she saw which encouraged dog owners to get their dogs a massage this Holiday season in order to help the dogs deal with the stress.  To say that we have gone too far in treating animals like humans is to say only what is obvious.  It could all... Continue Reading →

Clear as Mud

Our moral outlook is clear as mud, generally speaking.  The whole Ft. Hood terror attack (and that is what it was) is the latest evidence of our incompetence when speaking on moral issues.  Unbelievably, Major Hassan is being portrayed as a victim, when he is the guy who killed 14 innocent people (yes, 14. A... Continue Reading →

Another ‘Honor’ Killing

No one assumes that every Muslim is violent.  Few are asserting that the religion itself is inherently violent.  Nevertheless, the appearance to those of us outside of Islam is that it breeds violence.  The founder of the religion was himself sometimes violent, and the most vocal adherents of the religion are violent.  The tragedy at... Continue Reading →

How Not to Take a Stand

GetReligion has a review of the news media's coverage of Steve Anderson, the Arizona pastor who hopes (and prays for) Barack Obama to die.  Just to be clear, the pastor does not seek to kill the president, and he is not advocating violence against the president; rather, he is hoping God will cause the president to... Continue Reading →

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