How Not to Take a Stand

GetReligion has a review of the news media’s coverage of Steve Anderson, the Arizona pastor who hopes (and prays for) Barack Obama to die.  Just to be clear, the pastor does not seek to kill the president, and he is not advocating violence against the president; rather, he is hoping God will cause the president to contract brain cancer like Ted Kennedy.  Tragically, this pastor serves a church with “Baptist” in its name.  I can say that Baptists are not historically a violent people.  Baptists have been persecuted by other Christians throughout history (Reformation, Roger Williams). 

I don’t think this pastor and his church are necessarily advocating violence, but their message is a lesson for all of us in how NOT to take a stand and serve as salt and light.  The salt here seems to far outweigh the light. And that is not good.  This obscuring of the light is evident in the way the writer lists this pastor as a conservative voice.  In this instance, I am glad that he is called a conservative voice rather than a Christian voice or a Baptist voice.  Still, it is not a good thing for those who are supposed to preach the gospel to be considered preachers of conservativism.

What do you think?

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