Human Rights Laws

Funny thing about human rights–rights must be guaranteed by an authority capable of bestowing them.  In the U.S., the authority has historically been assumed to be the God of the Bible (“all men are created by God with certain inalienable rights…”).  Human rights in other countries rely on other authorities. 

This story from Baptist Press offers an example of how human rights laws are abused in India.  Instead of protecting human rights, these laws are used instead to squelch the rights of Christians.  The laws are employed for the purpose of persecuting Christians.  I am convinced that the so-called ‘hate crimes’ laws are likewise designed to be wielded as swords of persecution against Christians, too.

The story from India concerns 2 Christian brothers who are working to offer hope to needy people in India.  Hindu radicals are working with the police to shut them down.

What do you think?

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