Women Becoming Targets for Violence in Egypt

The Apostle Paul once lamented the fact that he was guilty of throwing women into prison (Acts 22:4).  Though it is politically incorrect to say, it is also patently obvious to see that women are, according to the Scriptures, the “weaker vessel.” As the typically more physically dominant of the two sexes, the man (again,... Continue Reading →

Head in the Sand

I have been reading about Mrs. Hassan, and I am stunned that her story is not being reported as ardently as, say, important stuff like Ted Haggard.  If you don’t already know about Aasiya Hassan, you will be shocked, too.  Newspapers are going out of business… and it isn’t just because of the internet.  Mainstream... Continue Reading →

Let’s Stay Together

Couples are deciding to stay together instead of getting divorced.  While we can all shout "Hooray" to such good news, we should first understand the reason couples are staying together.  Apparently, it’s too expensive to get divorced!  This story speaks of the reality that divorce takes a huge toll on home economics.  Divorce has caused many... Continue Reading →

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