Head in the Sand

I have been reading about Mrs. Hassan, and I am stunned that her story is not being reported as ardently as, say, important stuff like Ted Haggard.  If you don’t already know about Aasiya Hassan, you will be shocked, too.  Newspapers are going out of business… and it isn’t just because of the internet.  Mainstream news media are unable to report because of ideological blinders.  Aasiya Hassan is proof. 


Aasiya Hassan has been featured in stories around the country as a good example of the American face of Islam.  Against the backdrop of Muslim terrorists beheading victims around the world and posting the videos on-line, the Hassans offered a more irenic form of Islam.  Aasiya’s husband launched a TV channel which was committed to showing the other side—the peaceful side—of Islam.  For his efforts, Mr. Hassan was praised, and Aasiya sat nicely and quietly beside him through all the accolades of a favorable press.


But Aasiya is dead now.  Her husband killed her.  In fact, he beheaded her. There are reports that he had beaten her before.   Mark Steyn, as is usually the case, gets right to the heart of the matter with his blog post titled, Headless body in gutless press.  Michelle Malkin has covered the case, too, complete with a picture of the “happy” couple.


For my part, the press is not really my concern.  The press is biased.  I understand that, and I understand why they don’t think they are biased.  I get that.  What I don’t get, though, is how we are able to repeat the mantra, “All faiths believe the same things.”  It is not true.  It never has been.  And it never will be.  We need to get this reality through our thick heads: Ideas have consequences.  The ideas of Islam lead to death. (See here for Muslim view of women). 


Perhaps we do understand Islam.  Maybe we are continuing to stick our heads in the sand because we know the truth about Islam, and we think the safest place for our heads is to keep them submerged in the sand.




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  1. This is covered on front page of Fox News web this morning. I was going to email you but I see that you are already informed. I really don’t know why woman’s liberation movements don’t make noise about this. Oh, yeah, they are too busy with their own death agendas…killing babies.

    Islam is really peaceful is such a blatant lie that I think the entire person needs to be buried in the sand.

    May the light of the gospel stand out against such darkness.


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