Honor Killings Unveiled

Continuing along the lines of yesterday’s blog, we are burying our heads in the sand when we refer to Muslim beheadings as “domestic violence.”  The trend after the Hassan murder is to call the situation “domestic violence.”  The truth of the Hassan murder is that it is an example of Islamic violence.  Many are now saying it was what Muslims call an “honor killing.” 

I wonder, how often have we heard special reports from NBC, CBS, ABC, or CNN documenting honor killings in the U.S.?  (Probably about as often as we have seen pigs fly).  Yet, there have been dozens of savage killings in the U.S. just like the murder of Aasiya Hassan.  Husbands have killed their wives.  Fathers have killed their own daughters –all in the name of Islam.

The Middle East Quarterly has documented more than 50 cases of honor killings in the U.S.   They have also provided a thorough explanation of why it is inappropriate to call these killings “domestic violence.”  Read the article here.

I hope you will read the MEQ article linked above; it will provide you with very good information on the reality and the scope of the problem.  The article will inform you also of the idiocy which surrounds the western mantra, “Islam is a religion of peace.”  I have included a quote from the article:

In 2007, after Aqsa Parvez was murdered by her father in Toronto for not wearing hijab (a head covering), Sheila Musaji wrote in the American Muslim, “Although this certainly is a case of domestic violence … ‘honor’ killings are not only a Muslim problem….”[9]   Mohammed Elmasry, of the Canadian Islamic Congress, also dismissed the problem. “I don’t want the public to think that this is an Islamic issue or an immigrant issue. It is a teenager issue,” he said.[10]

Those darn teenagers! What’s a parent to do?

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  1. At work we just had a girl come in because she was depressed. It turns out the girl, from Iran, was raped. Her mother knew but if her dad found out she would have to be killed to ‘cleanse the bloodline,’ or something like that. It is all sad beyond belief. She is such a lovely girl- I cannot imagine the motivation it takes to kill or want to kill your spouse or child…


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