What Musical Instruments Should Be Used for Worship?

Back in 2011, Mark Galli announced the end of the worship wars (though he admits Christian churches are still maintaining a "tense truce" on music matters). Much of the last 20 years have seen churches grapple with the "elements" of worship. Should churches use drums? Are pianos and organs more "worshipful" than guitars? How about... Continue Reading →

Christian Rappers Neither Disobedient nor Cowards

Last week, the National Center for Family-Integrated Churches (NCFIC) unleashed a maelstrom of confusion and discontent among Christians over the place of Rap in Christian worship. As is always the case in situations like this, there is inevitably more heat than light. Emotions are running high, and unfortunate (and unnecessary) divisions are now forming. After... Continue Reading →

What Are the Top Two Priorities for the Local Church?

This Sunday, I will finish a 6 week series on the New Testament concept of the church. When Christ sought to establish the instrument through which He would sustain His redemptive work to its completion, He founded the church, called both His body and His bride. Christ's church must accomplish Christ's purposes and should honor... Continue Reading →

Exodus 19 and 20

Reading Exodus 19 and 20, I am struck by just how out of touch God is with modern evangelicals.  We have methods for growth.  He has strict limits which prevent folks from approaching Him.  We have sensitivity toward all seekers. He was set apart in thick darkness.  We have open access where everybody hears a... Continue Reading →

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