What Are the Top Two Priorities for the Local Church?

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Church Building in Independence, Missouri.

This Sunday, I will finish a 6 week series on the New Testament concept of the church. When Christ sought to establish the instrument through which He would sustain His redemptive work to its completion, He founded the church, called both His body and His bride. Christ’s church must accomplish Christ’s purposes and should honor her Lord. How does she do this properly? What ought to be her priorities?

I am interested to hear some responses. Obviously, because I am preaching on this Sunday, I have my own opinions. I think the two greatest priorities for the church are worship and fellowship, but I understand I have my work cut out for me. There are many other possible answers. Some would hope the Church would first be salt and light, shaping the culture (this would be the Reclaiming America crowd).

Others would argue for the urgency of evangelism. Who could deny the immediate necessity of reaching out to more than 3 billion souls who are presently destined to perish, apart from hearing a word of hope through the gospel of Jesus Christ? What about those who argue that social action is our top priority–feeding the hungry and serving the needy? And still others would say that missions work–sending the gospel to the unreached corners of the globe–is that which is most important. So, what are the top two priorities for the local church?

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  1. “The two greatest priorities for the church are worship and fellowship”

    I would add, being an example to the world and telling the good news of Christ saving grace. While serving with the Gideon’s we often reminded ourselves before passing out Bibles or speaking about Christ, we would remind ourselves, sometimes “We’re the only Bible people will ever read”

    I think Christ asked us in return for him saving us, to go out and speak the gospel to everyone we meet and be an example in showing our joy and happiness of his forgiveness. And why should we not be excited in telling people that because of God’s Love, he sent his only son to die on a cross in our place and take our punishment?

    He is the leader of his Church; he is the foundation of our being. Christ is Lord and King, and the living word made flesh. The Church needs to show it’s appreciation of that as well.


  2. The only priority is simple: “GO YE…” Obedience is the be all and end all. Ask Samuel and Saul. This must be taught publicly. WHAT WOULD John, Jonah, John, Jesus, and many other examples DO? We need to be more public in explaining the peace we followers of Jehovah have knowing the facts of a just God’s vengeance for the sins we commit against HIS Ten Commandments are paid for by Jesus’ blood. Quit hiding the LIGHT under a bushel, or possibly making only little peep holes in it! REMOVE THE BUSHEL!!!


  3. Wow, how can one narrow it down. Well, Christ commanded us to go and make disciples of all nations. But to do that the church must make disciples of the believers within their own gates first. So, I would say edification is important and the way to do that is to speak the true word, which is truth and it will bring light unto the ones who hear and believe. From there the light would shine to all those around, like tossing a rock into water.

    Then I would say to minister and visit with those in your immediate community. And just keep building from there.


  4. Neh. 8:8 tells the how the Rabbis explained the TORAH completely for a full understanding. Most sermons I hear are what is called pious gush by Rushdoony. They are on “God loves you”, or God loves the sinner but not the sin contrary to Psalm 5:5, Or ignoring the sin de jour, etc. They comment on the pain during abortion, or if the heart is beating, but I have never heard of what happens to the soul. I don’t read or hear of the laymen discussing the soul and its relation to death. They don’t demand capital punishment for murder and by their silence tell Jehovah they don’t have to follow HIS rules.


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