If I Were a Muslim

They have been called naïve.  Their plan was labeled both reckless and ill-conceived.  Their work incited deep anger and resentment from their fellow citizens.  Their government is considering forcing them to pay $20 million in recuperation costs.  Yet, they were the victims of kidnapping, held hostage for more than 6 weeks, and forced to watch two of their comrades be murdered in cold blood.  The South Korean Christians held hostage in Afghanistan returned home this week to anything but a hero’s welcome.  Everyone appears to be angry with them for having the foolish audacity to think they should give away food and medicine to help needy people.  There is more outrage against these Christians than there has been against the Muslims who kidnapped and murdered them.  Now, I’m thinking if I were one of the peace-loving majority Muslims in the world, I myself might be outraged.  Why does the world seem to expect these Christians “to know better,” but make no such demands of the Muslims, who, likely, will continue kidnapping for profit and power?  Are we more concerned about Christians possibly evangelizing while they give away free medicine than we are about Muslims kidnapping and bartering with human lives?

What do you think?

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