Certainty the Problem

There is a bit of a ruffle now over the status of Mother Teresa.  Just at the time her canonization to sainthood in the Roman Catholic Church seemed certain, out comes this book of her letters confessing her deep doubts about God [The book may not be in print just yet].  The authors of the book argue that it is a very good thing that the Roman Catholic Church allowed these letters to be printed, even though Mother Teresa preferred that the letters be destroyed.  The reason the authors think it is good to publish the letters is precisely because of the doubts.  According to them, the world needs more people of uncertain faith.  It is interesting to note that they take a stand against people of no faith (Christopher Hitchens).  They seem opposed (in true PostModern fashion) to certainty.  The problem in the world is either no faith or a certain faith.  The high ground appears for them in an uncertain faith.  Thus, the doubting Teresa becomes an icon for uncertainty.  In their view that is a good thing.


What do you think?

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