9/11 and World War IV

On this 6th anniversary of the attack of 9/11, I thought it might be helpful to reconsider the concept of war.  We are, after all, still at war and many are questioning whether that ought to be.  I think we ought to be at war.  I think this not because I am a “die hard conservative” or a warmonger.  I think this way because I am a Christian who lives with an honest view of reality, reality which includes both good and evil.  As a nation, we were attacked by enemy combatants, who, as far as I know, have never withdrawn their declaration of war against us.  I am amazed at how many Christians are squeamish about fighting this global war against Islamic terror, a terror whose stated purpose is our elimination and whose strategy is to “kill the westerners wherever you find them.”  We are at war, and we did not begin it.  We cannot pretend the war does not exist.  The proverbial ostrich in the sand does no living creature—including himself—any good whatsoever; he is foolish and counter-productive.  Political posturing is simply irresponsible and will lead only to more bloodshed.  The best solution to our present war effort is to win it with conviction, determination, and, yes, overwhelming force.  I see nothing un-Christian about such a stance.  Of course, I’m not bloodthirsty, and I lament the loss of life in war.  However, a militia of Muslims has declared war against this nation.  Unless we are willing to be Muslims under Sharia Law, then we must fight these warriors.  Socialism, Communism, Islamism—we have already had to address these issues globally throughout the 20th Century.  Sadly, because we did not finish the fight against Communism, we see it coming back through Putin’s Russia and Communist China.  We watched millions be slaughtered on the “Killing Fields” of Cambodia as a direct result of our premature retreat from the battle.  Now, we have an opportunity to confront evil.  If we do not, then evil will seduce, embrace, and, eventually, overtake us.  As much as one may wish that wars would go away, he must admit there will be wars and rumors of wars until the final Warrior Himself arrives, mounted on his white stallion to administer eternal justice and reign with eternal peace.

What do you think?

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