Exchanged for an Emmy

Kathy Griffin was censored for making defamatory remarks against Christ; they were offensive, in a sense.  Yet, we Christians aren’t Muslims.  We need not riot in the streets and kill people in a rage of backlash because Christ was insulted.  He has always been hated and despised in this world.  Instead, we find Griffin’s remarks quite telling.  In her effort to ridicule people of faith, she speaks truthfully and candidly about the state of her own soul.  She states that Christ had nothing to do with her winning an Emmy, presumably belittling those actors and actresses who have sought to acknowledge his presence in their  lives.  Then, most telling of all, she admits, “This award is my God now.”  Of course, that remark is sinful and blasphemous, but it is true.  I don’t see that remark as much offensive as it is shockingly honest and terribly grievous.  How sad!  How pitiful!  A grown, successful woman worships a trophy which has neither eyes to see nor ears to hear.  She worships that which she must dust and polish.

What do you think?

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