Plantinga on Adam’s Sin

Yesterday, I had the privilege of hearing one of the preeminent Christian scholars of our day offer a lecture on the conflict between religion and science.  Dr. Alvin Plantinga gave a defense of Christianity in logical and philosophical categories.  For the calling he has, he is both faithful and useful.  However, he got tripped up when a question was asked concerning theistic evolution (a kind of hybrid between biblical creation and evolution).  Though he did not commit wholly to the evolution scheme, he did tend to lean in that direction, saying that it is possible that sin and sin’s effects originated in creation and in creatures prior to Adam.  When I heard him say this, I turned to Daniel and started quoting, “therefore, just as sin entered the world through one man….”  At the same time, Daniel looked toward me and said, “What about Romans 5?”  Plantinga never answered Romans 5; so, we don’t know what he would say, but I bring the story forward just to remind us all of the necessity, first, of being biblical in our scholarship.  Jesus loves me; this I know for the Bible tells me so.  We won’t ever really get beyond that simple truth we sang as kids.  I hope never to go beyond it.

What do you think?

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