Christian Encouragement

Death—our ominous, foreboding, and final foe—has recently reminded me of just how much I love the church of Jesus Christ.  I know of a faithful Christian in New York who is dying of cancer.  She has made arrangements that, instead of donating flowers which will fade, all sympathizers should donate money to Voice of the Martyrs so that bibles can be given where needed all over the earth.  In a similar situation, I learned of the death of my great uncle in Georgia.  He, too, made arrangements before he died and insisted that, instead of flowers, all sympathizers should donate money to the Gideons so that bibles could be distributed all over the world to those who do not possess the Word of Christ.  Christians are free to live, even though they will die.  And even in dying, Christians—like the Christ who purchased them through death—will yet live.  Christians are the majestic ones in all the earth.

What do you think?

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