Bible Ban in Beijing

According to this article, Bibles will not be allowed in Beijing at the 2008 Olympics.  Apparently, Bibles are a grave security risk.  Communists—always capable of snuffing out security risks—have apparently gained confidence now that the Olympics are drawing very near; so they are beginning more and more to show their true color [Red].  Beyond Bibles, the Communists have also banned any and all religious symbols.  Athletes who draw strength from daily devotions will need to have memorized Scripture.  I don’t think the Communists have yet banned memory but maybe that’s next.

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  1. Is this ban particularly against Christians, or all religions? For instance, if I were a muslim, could I bring my favorite copy of the Koran, or would I have to leave it at home? Do you think this will cause some conflict with religions throughout the world? After all, this is the Olympics, a global sporting event that incorporates people from many different religious backgrounds.


  2. Good question, TC. Bibles were mentioned specifically, but the ban appears to be against all “religious” symbols and materials. You are right that this will cause quite a stir from many different nations. We can watch and wait to see what kind of accommodations the Communists make. Perhaps they will stand firm. Perhaps they will give attention to those wheels which make the most noise. Time will tell.


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