18 Months for Free Speech

Imagine you have a burden for Muslim people; so, you write them a letter about Jesus Christ in which you plead with them to turn to him for grace, mercy, and forgiveness.  Then, you decide to take the letter to a Muslim area like Detroit or Dearborn.  You will probably be a bit scared about the outcome.  Do you think you will be afraid for your life, knowing that some will take your pleadings as an insult to Islam and Muhammed?


Imagine you decide to go anyway.  Even though you are a bit fearful, you really want them to hear about the grace of Christ.  Now, let’s say the event didn’t go so well.  You were able to pass the letter out to a couple of hundred people (which you think is a good thing), but the majority of them became very angry.  They began shouting at you.  They even started to threaten you.  Some of them let you know that you would never walk away because they had decided they were going to kill you.


All of a sudden, the police show up!  Are you glad to see them?  What would you expect from them? I think we (in America) would still expect them to help us by protecting our free speech rights, while breaking up the crowd and discouraging its attempt to kill others.  In China, the situation is different.

 Brother Liu Huiwen went to a Muslim area and passed out an evangelistic letter.  When the Muslims who received his letter got very angry, Mr. Huiwen was arrested by the Communist police.  He was convicted of the crime of discrimination against ethnic minorities.  He was sentenced to 18 months in prison for inciting hostilities which caused social instability.  The courts went hard on his sentence because he refused to plead guilty: [From the sentencing report] The defendant Liu Huiwen refused to plead guilty during the court trial and this has been taken into consideration for a more serious penalty during the sentencing.

What do you think?

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