Politically Immature

I found out from a Republican political pundit this morning that I might be what is called politically immature.  The reference to immaturity was made in the context of explaining Huckabee’s rise to the top of the polls nationwide.  This expert bemoaned the fact that “social conservatives” are at it again.  You see, he thought that they had “matured” beyond concern for mere social issues.  As it turns out, I suppose, we are still immature.  If only we wouldn’t get so hung up about whether or not we kill babies, we could get on with the stuff that really matters–like making a lot more money.  I heard Mitt say that the economy and national security were the real concerns in this election–not the social concerns (read “the destruction of babies and the dismantling of the family”).  Maybe the direction of this election is going to be healthy for Americans.  Maybe it’s time for us to really “mature” and understand that money is worthless if we have no soul as a nation.  And the future is bleak if we have no families remaining.  It seems to me in a maturity contest life itself wins over money. 

What do you think?

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