Green Faith

The religion du jour is green.  Green faith is the new holy grail for non-Christian Americans.  I have linked an article which demonstrates just how pervasive this new religion intends to be, deriving moral guidelines from the supposed impact actions have on the environment.  In this article, divorce will be ruled out because it has a negative impact on the environment, nearly doubling the use of energy resources.  This new Green Faith does not intend to stay on the sideline or be easily dismissed.  These folks are every bit as committed to proselytizing as is the most ardent fundamentalists.  From green cars to green foods to green houses and green businesses, the future of American appears to be green.

I like to classify this Green Faith as “Eco-monism.”  The “eco” part refers to the ecology movement which is all-encompassing; it treats the world in which we live as one, organic symbiotic system functioning as a whole.  More troubling is the “monism” part; this aspect is both philosophical and religious.  In short, this monism is pantheism–the view that everything is God.  God is no longer personal.  Personal judgments like justice, morality, and love are no longer sustainable and will be lost in a green faith.  We may become green, but we won’t be envied when this happens.

What do you think?

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