Why I Like Mike

I am personally supporting Mike Huckabee for president, and the reason is simple.  He is the only candidate with a clear and unambiguous commitment to the cause of preserving human life.  I am not concerned with those who might charge me with being a “one issue” voter.  I suppose there are some who will abide with a candidate who may not be a champion for pro-life causes, so long as the candidate will not raise taxes; but I cannot be that kind of voter.  I do not consider myself a “social conservative” or “Republican” or any other moniker given to political activists.  I am not a political activist.  I am a man concerned about living among a people who can justify killing babies and the elderly.  I am glad to have a candidate who has a long history of standing on the side of life.  He is passionate, persuasive, and steadfast in his support of life.  I do not know of another candidate who speaks with conviction on this issue.  So, I like Mike.  I speak only for myself and represent no other people, organization, institution, or entity. Speaking only for myself, I like Mike.
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  1. I also like Mike right now. Rudy and McCain and Romney don’t seem to fit my belief system, they all have serious issues that cause me to turn away. Mike seems right down my alley right now. I only hope he can survive the primaries coming up as such an underdog and which such bitter hatred for him already seen in the media.


  2. I’m with you on this one Mr. Cochran. As a Catholic convert the only clear choice for me at present is Mike Huckabee. I’m about to begin promoting his cause on my own blog, probably, beginning next week.

    I too don’t mind being called a single issue voter– I am. The fact that M.H. also supports home schooling is an added bonus, but the overriding atrocity of our time is abortion.

    Abortion needs to be illegal, those who have suffered from its consequences need healing, and public monies supporting death factories in this country and other’s must end…

    James Mary Evans


  3. Having 5 children who are homeschooled makes me like Mike for that reason, too. He is the first governor to have appointed a homeschool parent to the state board of education. Still, the issue of life is too precious to play games with, as I believe the other candidates do (especially Romney). Thanks for your great remarks.


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