Barack Obama, who didn’t know his pastor and mentor of the past two decades was racist and anti-American, knows well and preaches often the gospel–the gospel of Obama, that is.  We have already seen how–according to the gospel of Obama–the Sermon on the Mount teaches that America ought to allow gay civil unions.

Now, we learn from Obama that Jews and Muslims are children of God just as Obama is (which may, of course, be true, in a certain sense).  As a matter of fact, one need not be religious at all.  If anyone lives a moral life, he will be in Heaven.  Anyone who lives a moral life is in Heaven–the whole atonement by the death of Christ thing is completely optional according to the O-gospel.

Not only is this O-gospel deeply offensive and completely heretical, but it is also terribly naive.  Who among us is not a “moral” person?  If that is what it takes, then who does not have what it takes to get heaven?  Everyone of us thinks he is a “moral” people.  Most of us think our mothers are moral.  If all it takes is some vague notion of being moral, then everyone can content himself into complacency, ease, and comfort.

The O-gospel is naive; it would be funny and worth poking fun at if it weren’t also eternally fatal for those souls deceived by it.  Like Oprah before him, Obama is enjoying media infatuation and celebrity status without having to answer tough questions; so, he is free to preach the O-gospel that has little relationship to the gospel of Jesus Christ.  What a sad dishonor to the glory of Christ to trample under foot the blood of God’s Son with a new gospel that does not demand justice or satisfy God’s wrath.  Shame on Obama and Oprah and the O-gospel.

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