Gas Got You Down?

I remember the trucker shutdown of the 70’s.  Apparently, there are some who are going to give it another go.  This time, the shutdown is scheduled for April Fool’s Day; so, it’s hard to take seriously just yet; it might be a big April Fool’s joke.  At any rate, I am glad someone is doing something to protest the price of gas.  I have linked the article about the truckers’ plans here.

Unfortunately, I don’t read anything in the article about the necessity of drilling in ANWR and building new refineries.  The refining capacity in the U.S. has been at its peak for more than 2 decades, and we have been unable to build new refineries due to environmental restrictions.  As a result, we are completely dependent on oil from the middle east, which ends up funding terrorism, which we must turn around and spend more money to fight.  Becoming energy independent is a giant step we need to take in the fight against islamic terrorism.

What do you think?

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