O – god

There is a new god to worship who requires no belief.  The largest single church service in the world follows this new god, whom I am calling the O-god.  The god of Oprah and, apparently, the god of Obama.  We have been chronicling for you some of the latest developments in the gospel of Obama.  Add this new video concerning the church of Oprah, and you have a very scary picture of the future in America.  Throughout the 20th Century we were told doctrine isn’t important.  I guess we were misinformed.  This video shows (1) how doctrine is unavoidable–even their belief that God is not a god of beliefs is itself a belief; (2) how quickly our minds can be darkened to believe ridiculous nonsense; (3) how self-righteous people avoid the cross of Jesus Christ.  We simply cannot believe that we need a stricken savior to save us from our sins.  We’d much rather believe we have the mind of God.

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  1. Pastor Greg,
    This is the first You Tube video I’ve watched (the best I could with dial up service).
    I watch a Christian talk program out of South Bend, IN on the LeSEA network. The strongest word they could use for this spiritual development is “sad.” That does not describe this movement at all. It’s not sad, it’s bad. I do have the impression that this movement is growing, and that is both dangerous and a divine appointment for the church to be bold with. (Ephesians 6:19)
    The Lord bless you!


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