Olympic Persecution

Many have begun to protest China.  I read yesterday that a human rights torch relay is taking place all across the USA.  I have linked an article here which demonstrates that the Chinese government has a thorough cleansing policy ahead of the ’08 Olympics.  The article tells of the persecution of 2 Christians in particular and the Uygur Christians in general.  The Uygers are a recognized minority in China who occupy mostly the Northwest of China.  They are dominant in Xinjiang (Sin Gin) province, which is the most Northwesterly province in China.  This story speaks of two cases in Xinjiang province, one in which the accused is being starved and mistreated, the other has a Christian being threatened with death.  The pertinent point for now (beyond immediate prayers for our two persecuted brothers) is that China’s crackdown against Christians reaches from East to West, Beijing to Xinjiang, and everything in between.  We live in a fallen world.  Please remember our brothers and sisters in chains.

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  1. Falun Gong’s faux torch relay is not grassroot. Rightwing “China hawks” in US Congress are linked to this event.

    Susan Prager, the outreach director of HRTR, is also the communications director of “Friends of Falun Gong”, a quasai-government non-profit founded by people linked to US Congress and the NED – it has injected over 6 million dollars in 5 years to various FLG groups to promot their intensely anti-Chinese political message.


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