San Angelo

Ok, loudly and clearly, let’s all agree it is wrong to force children to marry adults.  Laws against statutory rape are (we can agree) very good laws.  Adults do not have any business having sexual intercourse with children.  These things being said, I have some questions about the LDS sect in San Angelo.  More than 400 children are separated from their parents because of a complaint from one child about rape and abuse.

In effect, it seems to me that child protective services has no intention of following an innocent until proven guilty doctrine.  The assumption here is clearly, “guilty.”  (And I wonder whether anyone is really concerned about polygamy.  Why is there a problem with the private sexual decisions of Mormons?  They just want ‘fairness’ and equality like everyone else.  If we are in favor of transgendered sexual partnerships, then why not polyamorous, heterosexual partnerships? On what grounds does PostModern America object to polygamy?)– Back to serious concerns.

Why does a complaint from one child cause all 416 to be separated from their parents?  Why are all 38 families divided tonight?  Why the complete sweep of the ranch over a single report of child abuse?  (Again, I am not in favor of polygamy, and I have grave concerns about this group.)  But there are a few things fishy in the Texas waters–Things like whether the children should be relocated to new homes on account of their parents having taught them that the outside world is hostile to them.  Is it really the government’s job to relocate children on the basis of what their parents teach them about other people?  We may believe what parents are teaching is offensive, idiotic, or even dangerous, but do we, on that account, separate the children from their parents?

I think we should watch this case carefully, considering that Christians teach a few things the outside world finds offensive.  There might be some blurring between church and state here that the constitution forbids.  We should pray for clarity and truth and justice for the families, for Texas, and for the U.S.A.

What do you think?

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