Biden’s Bit on Abortion

Another common defense for pro-abortion advocates is the Joe Biden defense. Joe Biden of late has been saying that he is not in a position to push his views on others. He believes that a baby is a human from the moment of conception, but he doesn’t believe he has the right to tell others what to believe about abortion. I have heard Obama say this sort of thing lately, too. When Biden and Obama say that they want to limit abortions or when they say that they wish unwanted pregnancies would diminish, but then they go on to say, “But I cannot impose my beliefs on others,” they are being gross hypocrites.

Consider this. Obama and Biden are employed by the government to be senators. The U.S. Senate is part of the legislative branch of government. What does the legislative branch do? It legislates. Writes laws. To say they are uncomfortable legislating morality is as nonsensical as a dentist saying he is uncomfortable with teeth. What does one write laws for if not morality?

Marriage laws, tax laws, traffic laws, business laws—all are moral laws. They are written for the moral ordering of a society, spelling out the minimum duties the citizens ought to perform (like paying taxes and stopping at red lights). If abortion is an abominable practice—or even if it is just a less than desirable practice for a society—then a legislator is not only permitted to make a law against it, he is obligated. That is what legislators do. They make laws for the good of those governed.

Senators are precisely those in position to make such laws. Judges are not. It is true that judges ought not be making laws concerning abortion, but that is what happened in the Roe v. Wade decision. If Obama and Biden were judges, they would be right (sort of) to say what they are saying, but they aren’t judges, they are lawmakers.

So, whether or not moral beliefs are legislated is a question already answered. Moral beliefs are the substance of all law. The only question is whose morality prevails.
For a further consideration of Biden’s dilemma, see Dr. Mohler’s blog today on the issue.

What do you think?

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