Voting for Piper

No, not John Piper, although he is worthy of our support as a great man of God.  Today, my mind is on Piper Palin.  Maybe if we all remember that sweet little girl licking her hand to fix baby Trig's wayward hair at the Republican convention we will be a bit more cheerful today and... Continue Reading →


A liberal Christian group going by the name of Matthew 25 has set up a website to convince people that Obama is the more pro-life candidate between the two major contenders.  It would be laughable, except that it is devilishly deceptive and destructive.  I do not recommend going to their site, as it would give... Continue Reading →

The Difference Between Cows & Humans

From the NRLC website comes this disturbing factoid: An unborn child has less legal protection from feeling pain than commercial livestock. In a slaughterhouse, a method of slaughter is deemed legally humane only if “all animals are rendered insensible to pain by a single blow or gunshot or an electrical, chemical, or other means that... Continue Reading →

Doctors of Death

There is an inextricable link between abortion (the idea that a human life at an early stage of development can be destroyed for the sake of convenience) and our present culture's fascination with death. Where abortion was supposed to clean up the back alley butcher shops, in reality, it only moved butcher shops into mainstream... Continue Reading →

Babies in Trash Cans

Even now, supporters of Obama are running ads which picture "back alley butcher" shops where women will be forced to go for abortions if anything were to happen to the Roe v. Wade decision. The truth, however, is that back-alley butcher shops would be tame compared to the death unleashed on us by Roe v.... Continue Reading →

Why Belabor Abortion?

Why continue harping on the same subject? Two reasons. (1) The awful destruction of human life in the wake of Roe v. Wade warrants the attention of any decent human being; (2) As this Pew Research poll reports, evangelicals are the only ones who are solidly in the pro-life camp nowadays. If we don't hammer... Continue Reading →

More Rotten Fruit

Today, there is a nice article from Mona Charen detailing the rotten fruit of infanticide that is a reality of the abortion industry. Read this timely and significant article here.

Example of Bad Fruit

Abortion is supposed to be helpful because it enables us to detect "problem pregnancies" and dispose of them before the "problem pregnancy" becomes a "problem child." Forgetting for the moment that many of the so-called problem pregnancies result in the creation of a beautiful child like Trig Palin or Emily Rose, we can see that... Continue Reading →

Abortion Fact Checks

Barack Obama is clearly the most ardent sort of pro-abortion advocate. The record shows that he was instrumental in defeating the Infant Born Alive Protection Act while a state senator in Illinois. He has said that people are lying and misrepresenting the facts about his position, but the documents are on the table for review.... Continue Reading →

Palin Bad, Abortion Good

In an unusually frank admission, a leading doctor from Canada's OB/Gyn practices is worried that Palin's giving birth to Trig, her Down syndrome baby, is going to hurt the abortion industry. Up to 90% of Down pregnancies end in abortion. You can read the LA Times article here. I think this may have something to... Continue Reading →

Biden’s Bit on Abortion

Another common defense for pro-abortion advocates is the Joe Biden defense. Joe Biden of late has been saying that he is not in a position to push his views on others. He believes that a baby is a human from the moment of conception, but he doesn’t believe he has the right to tell others... Continue Reading →

Whose Body Is Aborted?

So, I wasn’t the only one thinking of putting out helpful, practical guides for speaking about abortion. Turns out, the guys over at “Between Two Worlds” are doing the same thing. They have published an article by D. A. Carson on practical strategies for discussing abortion. If you want a truly brilliant man’s advice on... Continue Reading →

What Kind of Right to Life?

The most egregious abuse of human rights in America is the practice of abortion. Ironically, many so-called civil rights groups support the practice. Be that as it may, I think the subject has been under America’s skin for more than 35 years now. Oddly, we don’t talk about it much. Many of us have been... Continue Reading →

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