The Difference Between Cows & Humans

From the NRLC website comes this disturbing factoid:

An unborn child has less legal protection from feeling pain

than commercial livestock.

In a slaughterhouse, a method of slaughter is deemed legally humane only if “all

animals are rendered insensible to pain by a single blow or gunshot or an electrical,

chemical, or other means that is rapid and effective, before being shackled, hoisted,

thrown, cast, or cut.” (Section 2 of the Humane Slaughter Act, 7 USC 1902).


By contrast, D&E abortions, performed as late as 24 weeks (well after the child

begins to feel pain), involve the dismemberment of the unborn child by a pair of

sharp metal forceps.(9) Instillation methods of abortion (performed even in the third

trimester) involve the replacement of up to one cup of amniotic fluid with a

concentrated salt solution, which the unborn child inhales as the salt burns her skin.

The child lives in this condition for up to an hour. In neither of these techniques is

the unborn child provided with any form of anesthesia.(10-13)

The reality is that abortion causes pain before it causes death.  For a full summary of legislation related to fetal pain, see this page.  Or, if you want to read a summary fact sheet on the pain that infants feel while in the womb, see this page.

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