Example of Bad Fruit

Abortion is supposed to be helpful because it enables us to detect “problem pregnancies” and dispose of them before the “problem pregnancy” becomes a “problem child.” Forgetting for the moment that many of the so-called problem pregnancies result in the creation of a beautiful child like Trig Palin or Emily Rose, we can see that even in the case that a Down Syndrome child is detected early, abortion may not be a good option. Abortion is supposed to be a solution to “problem pregnancy” (such as Down Syndrome). It is true that 90 percent of Down’s babies detected are aborted. But, once again, we can see the fruit of such a practice is as rotten as a 10 day banana. This story from the UK tells the dreadful tale that 2 healthy babies are lost for every three Down syndrome babies targeted for abortion. Targeting babies for death is one of the destructive fruits of the abortion practice. Read the article here

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  1. As someone who was past 35 when I was pregnant with my fourth baby, I can tell you that the medical industry is overly concerned about detecting birth “defects” so that there is plenty of time to “terminate.” They don’t even “mark your chart” prolife after the first firm “not interested”; they just keep hounding you. I really don’t get it. When did we become so “pro-death” as a society? And furthermore for a society so intoxicated with science, how can will call abortion anything but just plain murder. Have we not proven there’s a baby in there?
    Thanks for your posts, Greg. I have noticed much online talk about abortion and I am grateful. (Had an interesting facebook discussion the other day….probably it’s still going on without me but since I have to wait for Bekah to get online in order to use her page, I have not responded any more.)
    loved the video on Emily….was that Andrew’s work?


  2. Thanks for the testimony, Angela. The same thing happened with Emily Rose’s mom. The nurses kept imploring her to go through the testing “before it is too late.” When she asked, “Too late for what?” the nurse replied, “You know, too late to do anything about the pregnancy.” Emily’s mom lovingly replied, “You’re crazy if you think I would consider aborting this baby.”

    The video is compliments of Hannah.

    As for our intoxication, I think it came through our fascination with sex outside of marriage. There is an interesting parallel to make between the war we were fighting in Europe against the Nazi eugenics, while, at the same time, Margaret Sanger and other liberals were waging a different war here on our own soil. Six decades later, the Nazi threat is gone, but the corrosive effects of eugenics has grown full flower here in our own soil. Our desire for sexual “freedom” demands birth control, which, in turn, demands abortion, which leads to a full lust for controlling death.


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