Abortion Fact Checks

Barack Obama is clearly the most ardent sort of pro-abortion advocate. The record shows that he was instrumental in defeating the Infant Born Alive Protection Act while a state senator in Illinois. He has said that people are lying and misrepresenting the facts about his position, but the documents are on the table for review. I have linked here to the NRLC compilation of all the bills and articles related to Obama’s role in killing a bill that would have protected babies who were born alive after failed abortions. He was afraid to offer protection for these babies, preferring rather to allow them to die slowly from neglect than to give any kind of support to the view that babies in the womb deserve protection. This is why he could not answer Rick Warren’s question, “When should babies get human rights.” Such questions are above his pay grade, but, apparently, he was paid enough as a state senator to decide that babies should not have human rights if “accidentally” born alive. Fact check all the documents for yourself.

For a single article documenting the entire conversation, click here.

For a review of the material from the independent Fact Check.Org, click here.

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