Husband Kills Wife

This article tells the story of a many who murdered his wife.  There is a consistent pattern at work here with abortion.  I think it shows in the deplorable decision handed down by this judge.   

This is murder, plain and simple.  This is atrocious, and it shows just where we are headed in terms of devaluing human life.  When usefulness is over (defined by us), then kill.  Or, in concert with abortion thinking, when inconvenience arises, kill. That is all that happened here, and the judge is obviously clueless.

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  1. When you say the decision of the judge was “deplorable”, are you actually aware what his decision was? The ITV story you cite does not say anything beyond the sentence.

    This Press Association story makes it plain that Norton pleaded guilty to manslaughter. Taking into account his motives and the circumstances, a six month suspended sentence was not unusual. The man is 86 years old. He now has a criminal record. What more do you want? To put him into prison to die?


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