Suicide Shift

The state of Oregon has been a “leader” in the euthanasia movement in America.  I say “leader” in quotes because I am not sure that progress is always in a good direction (there is a fine line between progress and regress).  That is an inherent problem with the “progressive” political movement.  Just because one is... Continue Reading →

Vegetable Distinction

I am sure you have heard of this story by now, but it is worth considering the case of the Belgian Rom Houben's incredible recovery.  Actually, if you know the case, then you know that he has been aware of his surroundings all along.  For 23 years, he has been called a vegetable by the... Continue Reading →

People Ripe for Harvest?

Organ transplantation is a wonderful thing. I know a dear man whose life was spared half a decade ago because of a liver transplant.  Transplantation can be a tool for promoting life.  However, it can also be a tool used to justify death.  In this article, you can see the scare ahead for the weak,... Continue Reading →

Ruthless Pragmatism

Bloomberg has an article based on an April interview with President Obama concerning end of life medical decisions.  In the article, Obama says that he would gladly have paid for his grandmother’s hip replacement himself; yet he found the decision for her to have a hip replacement troubling. He labeled the decision “a difficult moral... Continue Reading →

Never Enough

Death is never satisfied.  Paul says in Romans 3, "There feet are swift to shed blood..."  It is, of course, true.  Euthanasia is part of our culture which rejects the notion of death as the last enemy of Christ's to be done away with.  Typically, we think of euthanasia as an "old person's" issue.  But bloodthirsty... Continue Reading →

The Side of Life

You simply must watch the story of Haleigh Poutre.  I dare you to watch it without crying.  I didn’t make it through.  The story is so great in showing the will of a child to live.  Of course, it has a much darker side in that her life has been robbed of so much because... Continue Reading →

Choice Is Abandonment

I link a blog here which describes two different stories concerning our pro-choice culture.  In the one story, a woman dies after drinking anti-freeze.  In the other story, a man loses his arm.  In both stories, the medical community is unsure of how to respond to people in need.  It seems the freedom to choose... Continue Reading →

Husband Kills Wife

This article tells the story of a many who murdered his wife.  There is a consistent pattern at work here with abortion.  I think it shows in the deplorable decision handed down by this judge.    This is murder, plain and simple.  This is atrocious, and it shows just where we are headed in terms of... Continue Reading →

Value and Viability

Scientists have become rather free in their attempts to do something novel with embryonic stem cells.  I am linking an article here from Dr. Jones (not the movie guy; in fact, not a guy at all), where she argues for prudence in the practice of parthenogenesis.  The article is a bit technical, but it is... Continue Reading →

Death with Dignity

The whole death with dignity movement is tied to abortion.  Since when has death been dignified?  We are on the side of life, not death.  Death is the enemy--the last enemy to be undone by the Resurrection of Christ. The notion that it is better for unwanted or inconvenient human beings to die by abortion... Continue Reading →

Doctors of Death

There is an inextricable link between abortion (the idea that a human life at an early stage of development can be destroyed for the sake of convenience) and our present culture's fascination with death. Where abortion was supposed to clean up the back alley butcher shops, in reality, it only moved butcher shops into mainstream... Continue Reading →

Shifting to the Fruits

Shifting gears a bit in the abortion, I want to move downstream to the conversation about the fruits of abortion. Often, we judge decisions and directions based on the fruits they produce. We say the verdict is out until there has been sufficient time to assess whether the net result of the decision was a... Continue Reading →

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