Hah! I Told You So

One of the things I have tried to keep folks informed about is the terrible new ethic on our horizon; it is more pronounced in Europe than it is here, but even in America the green ethic is alive and well.  Not only is it terribly oppressive–outlawing such innocuous behaviors as drinking Dasani from a bottle–but now we find evidence, once again, that the Green ethic is not just oppressive; it is laughable.  I have been warning you against hitching your ethical wagon to a green ethic that is supposed to undo the supposed effects of global warming; now, comes this article which asks how long will the next ice age last.  In short, the article predicts that we are entering into another ice age.  This time, the ice age may be permanent.  I suppose we should all do our part now to engage in behaviors that will speed up global warming.  Go help Ford and buy that SUV you’ve really been wanting.  Maybe you should get a Hummer.

What do you think?

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