The Gulf Stream of Oil

Like Russ Moore, I am concerned about the people along the Gulf Coast in Mississippi and Louisiana.  Also like Russ, I grew up along the Gulf Coast (except I was privileged to be from the Louisiana side).  His blog does so much to point out what is good and right about our concern for creation. ... Continue Reading →

Green with Frustration

For quite some time, California has produced no small collection of green-friendly laws, codes, and commandments.  The situation appears to be completely out of hand now.  Such confusion was inevitable, I think, because people have too many interests at stake to be objective about what is best for all (either for all people or all... Continue Reading →

How Goofy Can the Greenies Get?

This article bemoans the fact that Obama's administration is not going to put a tax on cow burping.  They attribute the lack of cow belching legislation to a powerful farmers lobby.  First of all, it seems to me that it would have to be a ranchers lobby, rather than a farmers lobby.  Nevertheless, the article... Continue Reading →

Good for Us!

I just read this headline which says, "Evangelicals trail other faiths on global warming," and I say, Kudos to evangelicals!  Then, I saw this headline, and I was again befuddled: "Christians call for greater action on earth day. "  Once again, I have no problem with caring for the environment, planting trees, and keeping waterways... Continue Reading →

Do Not Recycle!

I have been speaking against the "Green Ethic" for some time now.  I am considering changing the term from Green Ethic to Lunatic Ethics.  Each time the global warming group establishes an ethical norm, science gets in the way and frustrates their global balance guidelines.  Click on the headline below to see the latest example... Continue Reading →

Um… That’s Not the 1st Command

  Read this article, and you will know why the evangelical embrace of the Green movement is worrisome to me.  Specifically, the Green movement is a fusion of bad theology with bad science.  Call it a "Con-fusion."  This article, unfortunately, illustrates some of the muddle-headed thinking of Christians when it comes to the Green movement. ... Continue Reading →

(Passing) Gas Tax

Here is the story from Alabama: Cows pass gas.  No surprises there.  What is surprising is that democrats in Washington are now trying to pass a tax on the gas which is passed.  Only a liberal democrat could conceive of a passed gas tax.  Of course, as this story indicates, it is not called a... Continue Reading →

Hah! I Told You So

One of the things I have tried to keep folks informed about is the terrible new ethic on our horizon; it is more pronounced in Europe than it is here, but even in America the green ethic is alive and well.  Not only is it terribly oppressive--outlawing such innocuous behaviors as drinking Dasani from a... Continue Reading →

Green Diapers

  Green diapers sound disgusting, don't they?  Some of us have actually seen green diapers, along with many other diapers of varying hues in green and gold.  However, the article I have linked here is not disgusting as much as it is dishonest.  It exposes the hypocrisy of Green ethics.  If we thought God’s commands... Continue Reading →

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