Green with Frustration

For quite some time, California has produced no small collection of green-friendly laws, codes, and commandments.  The situation appears to be completely out of hand now.  Such confusion was inevitable, I think, because people have too many interests at stake to be objective about what is best for all (either for all people or all the environment).  Questions of “allness” are notoriously difficult to answer, and science has demonstrated an inability to satisfy our lust for the universal.  Science, like the NE Patriots, has fallen short of perfection. 

So, now, this story comes along to demonstrate just how impossible it would be to get a “green” ethics right.  One might strip away all plants from around his spinach in order to keep mice out, but then there are mice who like dirt instead of foliage; so, the farmer would not be keeping mice out; he would simply be trading one brand of mice for another.  On and on this story goes–back and forth like a mediocre tennis match with no final winner.

What do you think?

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