Pro Choice?

One of the unintended consequences of the pro-choice movement may turn out to be the oppression of women.  Ironic, isn’t it?  The liberation movement championed free choice for all women.  The right to abortion became the right for the women to choose whether or not they would have the child.  Now, however, a trend appears to be developing from this mindset.  According to this article from Richard Stith (subscription required), the pro-choice movement has left men empowered to use women for sex without assuming responsibility for pregnancy.  After all, it’s the woman’s place to choose.  The man gets to decide whether to have sex; she gets to decide whether to keep the baby.  Who’s free to choose here? The child loses because of abortion (either his life or his father’s influence).  The woman loses (either her baby or her lover or both).  The man loses (his child, his lover, or both).  And society loses a family.  The price we pay for the illusion of “free choice.”

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  1. Uh, women still get to choose whether they have sex, and get to choose whether or not to give birth by using or not using to contraction and abortion, rights secured by the pro-choice movement.
    Sorry, you can’t re-frame freedom and safety for women as oppressing women.


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