Globs of Tissue Remember

You may click here to read a fascinating story concerning research which shows that fetuses have memories.  The researchers were able to test at 30 weeks gestation and demonstrate that the child in the womb was able to recall and respond and even learn to respond more quickly over the course of the experiment.  The article points out that the pro-abortion group NARAL has not responded to the news.  You know, when Roe v. Wade was decided, we were still ignorant of so much of the development of a child.  At the time it seemed reasonable to think of the child in the womb as a glob of tissue.  But there is no excuse.  Even without this memory study, evidence abounds which tells us that the fetus in the womb is actually a child.  If it is a human life form (which it is) we must not kill.

What do you think?

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