Royal Babies, Abortion, and Birth Defects: Why Are We So Confused?

  My friend Denny Burk asked an incredibly insightful question: Why don’t we call it the royal fetus?  The remark, of course, was in reference to Prince William and his lovely bride Kate Middleton, who are—as we used to say—“with child.”  They are expecting. But what are they expecting?   Well, they are not expecting... Continue Reading →

Does the Bible Condemn Abortion?

I hear a common refrain from those who favor abortion. It usually goes something like, "The Bible is silent on abortion," or "the Bible never condemns abortion." Is this true? Is it true that the Bible does not speak to abortion? On the surface it appears true that the bible does not condemn abortion. There... Continue Reading →

Islam and Abortion: Are Muslims Pro-life?

Although in Islam there are debates about the nature of Jihad and legitimacy of carrying out attacks in the name of Allah, there is not that much of a debate about whether Muslims ought to practice abortion.  The general consensus is that abortion is haram, forbidden. The reason offered for the prohibition against abortions is... Continue Reading →

What Are Savior Siblings? 3 Concerns We Must Address

(The following blog first appeared under the title Savior Siblings and Septic Sons.)  “Unto Us, a Savior Is Born in France,” such is the triumphant tone of the science headlinesfrom across the pond in France, where the latest “savior sibling” has arrived.  He is a healthy baby boy, weighing in at just over 8 lbs. The... Continue Reading →

Simple Concepts Concerning Life

In memory of the 50 million Americans lost since the dreadful Roe v. Wade decision, I wrote a poem for a competition hosted by the Manhattan Declaration (you can read it here).  The point of the poem is simply this: A little girl in the womb has no guarantee of liberty or the pursuit of... Continue Reading →

Golden Gateway to Freedom?

I just read this remarkably encouraging pro-life article from where? San Francisco!  A great crowd rallied against abortion in San Francisco of all places.  According to this article, more than 40,000 marchers gathered together for the pro-life parade.   Walk for Life co-chair Dolores Meehan said, "We are here to break the bondage of the culture... Continue Reading →

Principles and Power

I am an optimist.  I know the outcome--that all things will work together for good for those who love the Lord.  So, I am an optimist.  Yet, I am not optimistic about Obamacare ever being overturned.  I hope it is.  I will support the repeal of this terribly invasive healthcare reform.  I don't think it... Continue Reading →

The Little Ones

A song by Phil Keaggy asks, "Who will speak up for the little ones, helpless and half-abandoned?"  It seems that no Democrat in America will any longer.  When Bart Stupak caved in to pressure from the national Democratic Party earlier today, he sent the message loudly and clearly that abortion is at the heart of... Continue Reading →

Pro Choice Advocate Agrees with Tebow

This article highlights the commentary from Sally Jenkins, a pro-choice sportswriter from the Washington Post.  Her comments are certainly fair and demonstrate that there can still be civil disagreement in America.  Though she does not agree completely with Tebow's pro-life advocacy (she is pro-choice), she does understand how critical it is for him to have... Continue Reading →

Pro Choice (just not that kind)

If you read this article, you hear the complaints from so-called "Women's" Groups decrying the Super Bowl ad from Tim Tebow and Focus on the Family.  These abortion advocates are lobbying CBS to get the ad pulled.  Ironically, they are upset with CBS because Focus on the Family is supposed to be "anti-choice" and homophobic... Continue Reading →

Eye Opening

This article from Heartbeat International is eye opening.  Crisis pregnancy centers are located in areas where the least abortions are occurring.  In the areas where the most abortions are occurring, there are few (if any) pregnancy centers.  Read the article...

Pro-life Murder

James Pouillon was murdered, and no one knows why (though many are speculating).  Mr. Pouillon was protesting abortion when he was murdered.  He was well-known for his protests against abortion.  We shall wait to learn more concerning the motive.  Here is the statement from the National Right to Life concerning the murder.

I Could

According to this story, Jim Wallis, president of Sojourners, in conjunction with a few Democrat lawmakers, is proposing Christian support for a new bill ostensibly designed to reduce the number of abortions.  “Helping young people to delay sexual activity, preventing the pregnancies that people don't want, economically supporting low-income women to give them real choice... Continue Reading →

Globs of Tissue Remember

You may click here to read a fascinating story concerning research which shows that fetuses have memories.  The researchers were able to test at 30 weeks gestation and demonstrate that the child in the womb was able to recall and respond and even learn to respond more quickly over the course of the experiment.  The... Continue Reading →

Pro Choice?

One of the unintended consequences of the pro-choice movement may turn out to be the oppression of women.  Ironic, isn't it?  The liberation movement championed free choice for all women.  The right to abortion became the right for the women to choose whether or not they would have the child.  Now, however, a trend appears... Continue Reading →

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